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No Coding required, Build your dream website

No Coding required, Build your dream website

No Coding required, Build your dream website

No Coding required, Build your dream website

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Empowering Small Businesses With Amazing Hosting Sites, Websites & Commerce Tools

Are you ready for a powerful boost to your small business endeavors? Look no further than Amazing Hosting Sites, where we provide a comprehensive suite of website and store solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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“Having hosted My Amazing Sites for more than twenty years, we understand the intricate needs of websites in today’s dynamic ”

Bobette Kirk

Bobette Kirk

CEO / Founder

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Our Mission Is To Power The Future

At Amazing Site Hosting, our unwavering mission is to power the future of web hosting and online presence. We recognize that in today’s digital landscape, the online presence of businesses and individuals alike is paramount. To achieve this, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge web hosting solutions that empower our clients to thrive in the ever-evolving online world. Our commitment goes beyond just hosting websites; it extends to enabling businesses to reach their full potential, entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, and individuals to express their unique voices online. We believe that the future is digital, and by powering the online presence of our clients, we are contributing to a future where innovation, connectivity, and success know no bounds. Join us in this exciting journey as we pave the way for a brighter online future.

How Can I Help You

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Unparalleled Reliability and Uptime

At Amazing Site Hosting, we take pride in our industry-leading server reliability and uptime. We understand that your website’s availability is crucial for your online success.

Exceptional Customer Support

We believe that outstanding customer support is at the core of a successful hosting service. Our team of dedicated support professionals is available 24/7,

Comprehensive Hosting Solutions

Amazing Site Hosting offers a wide range of hosting options tailored to meet your unique needs. From shared hosting for personal websites to robust dedicated server solutions

Build Amazing WordPress Website

Quick & Easy One-Click WordPress Installation

Building an amazing WordPress website with Amazing Site Hosting is a seamless process that combines the power of WordPress with top-tier hosting services.

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IT Company





IT Company

Elegant set of WordPress blocks along with templates to help you create the website you always wanted you create the website you always wanted!

Sofia Miller

IT Professional

Gutenify Base is a Block based WordPress theme.


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