Our Reliability Commitment: Uptime Assurance and Security Measures

Our Uptime Guarantee:

At Amazing Site Hosting, we are dedicated to providing you with hosting services you can depend on. Our commitment to reliability is reflected in our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Your Peace of Mind:

In the rare event that a shared or reseller server falls short of our uptime guarantee, we’ve got your back. You may be eligible to receive one (1) month of credit for the affected package on your account. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Fair and Transparent Credit Approval:

We believe in fairness and transparency. While we stand by our guarantee, the approval of any credit is subject to the sole discretion of Amazing Site Hosting and may be contingent upon the provided justification.

Scheduled Maintenance:

To maintain peak performance, we schedule routine server maintenance. We want to assure you that planned server maintenance, crucial for system health, does not count as downtime. It’s part of our commitment to keeping your hosting environment optimized.

Understanding Downtime:

We’d like to clarify that downtime does not necessarily mean your server is inaccessible. Our uptime guarantee is met as long as the server is available to deliver your content. It’s your responsibility to ensure your website’s content is operational.

Security and Password Management:

Data security is paramount. For dedicated server users, we request your cooperation in maintaining a valid email address and ensuring your root password is up to date on file. This preventive measure helps safeguard against forced password resets that could result in downtime.

Data Center Auditing:

To uphold the highest standards of security and performance, we reserve the right to conduct server audits as necessary. These audits are conducted in partnership with our data center and are designed to maintain the integrity of your hosting environment.

At Amazing Site Hosting, your online success and security are our top priorities. Our uptime guarantee, transparent credit approval process, and security measures reflect our commitment to providing you with a reliable and secure hosting experience. By working together, we can ensure that your website continues to operate smoothly and securely, backed by the exceptional hosting services you expect from us.